20 Ideas to Energise Your Next Social Media Post

Are you an artist looking for some inspiration for your next social media post? Whether you want to showcase your work, share some tips, or connect with your audience, here are 20 ideas that you can use for your social media posting.

1. Show your creative process.

Share a video or a series of photos that show how you create your art from start to finish. Explain the steps and techniques you use, and what challenges you faced along the way.

2. Behind the Scenes

Give your followers a glimpse of where the magic happens. Show them your tools, materials, and equipment, and how you organise them. You can also share some personal details, such as your favorite music to listen to while working, or your favorite snack to keep you energised.

3. Teach a Skill or a Technique

Share your expertise and knowledge with your audience by teaching them something new. You can create a tutorial, a demonstration, or a tip sheet on how to do something related to your art. For example, you can teach them how to draw a realistic eye, how to mix colours, or how to use a specific tool or software.

4. Review a Product or a Service

Give your honest opinion and feedback on a product or a service that you use for your art. You can review anything from paints, brushes, and canvases to online courses, books, and apps. Tell your followers what you like and dislike about it, and whether you would recommend it or not.

5. Interview Another Artist

Reach out to another artist that you admire or collaborate with and ask them if they would be interested in doing an interview with you. You can ask them about their background, their style, their inspiration, their challenges, and their advice for other artists. You can also showcase some of their work and link to their social media accounts.

6. Share a Personal Story

Connect with your followers on a deeper level by sharing a personal story related to your art. You can tell them how you got started as an artist, what motivated you to pursue your passion, what obstacles you overcame, or what goals you have for the future. You can also share some fun facts about yourself, such as your hobbies, interests, and quirks.

7. Showcase Your Portfolio

Show off your best work by creating a portfolio post that highlights your skills and achievements. You can choose a theme, such as a specific genre, medium, or project, and display your work in an attractive and organised way. You can also include some testimonials from your clients or customers, if applicable.

8. Host a Giveaway or a Contest

Engage your followers and grow your audience by hosting a giveaway or a contest on your blog. You can offer a prize that is related to your art, such as a print, a commission, or a merchandise item. You can also set some rules and criteria for entering the giveaway or the contest, such as following your account, liking or commenting on your post, or tagging a friend.

9. Share Some Inspiration Sources

Share some of the things that inspire you as an artist, such as other artists’ work, books, movies, music, nature, or culture. You can explain why they inspire you and how they influence your style and vision. You can also link to their sources and encourage your followers to check them out.

10. Create a Challenge or a Prompt

Challenge yourself and your followers to create something based on a specific theme, topic, or prompt. You can create a hashtag for the challenge or the prompt and invite others to join in and share their creations with you. You can also feature some of the best submissions on your blog and give them feedback.

11. Share Some Resources or Tools

Share some of the resources or tools that you use for your art, such as websites, blogs, podcasts, magazines, or newsletters that provide useful information, advice, or inspiration for artists. You can also share some of the apps, software, or gadgets that help you create, edit, or manage your work.

12. Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions

Answer some of the questions that you get asked frequently by your followers, clients, or customers about your art, your process, your pricing, or your business. You can also ask your audience to submit their questions to you and answer them in a Q&A format.

13. Share Some Goals

Share some of the goals or plans that you have for your art, your career, or your business. You can also share some of the steps or actions that you are taking to achieve them, and some of the challenges or opportunities that you face along the way.

14. Share Some Tips or Advice

Share some of the tips or advice that you have learned or discovered as an artist, which can help other artists improve their skills, find their style, grow their audience, or make money from their work. You can also share some of the mistakes or lessons that you have made or learned from your experience.

15. Share a Collaboration or a Partnership

Share a collaboration or a partnership that you have done or are doing with another artist, brand, or organisation, which is related to your art. You can share some of the details of the process, the outcome, and the benefits of working together. You can also link to their website or social media accounts and thank them for their support.

16. Share Some Feedback or Testimonials

Share some of the feedback or testimonials that you have received from your followers, clients, or customers, that praise or appreciate your work. You can also share some of the stories or results that your work has created or influenced, such as inspiring someone, solving a problem, or making a difference. You can also ask your audience to leave you a review or a rating if they like your work.

17. Share a Quote or a Mantra

Share a quote or a mantra that resonates with you as an artist, which motivates you, inspires you, or guides you in your work. You can also explain why you like it and how it applies to your art. You can also create a graphic or an image that features the quote or the mantra and use it as a visual element for your post.

18. Share a List or a Roundup

Share a list or a roundup of some of the things that are related to your art, such as your favorite artists, books, movies, songs, places, products, or trends. You can also explain why you like them and how they relate to your work. You can also rank them, compare them, or categorise them in diverse ways.

19. Share a Survey or a Poll

Share a survey or a poll that asks your audience to share their opinions, preferences, or experiences on something related to your art. You can use an online tool or platform to create and embed the survey or the poll on your blog. You can also share some of the results or insights that you get from the survey or the poll and use them to improve your work or your content.

20. Share Something Fun or Funny

Share something fun or funny that is related to your art, such as a joke, a meme, a comic, a video, or a game. You can also create something fun or funny yourself and share it with your audience. You can also use humor to make fun of yourself, your work, or your industry in a light-hearted way.

These are some of the ideas that you can use for your next social media post as an artist. You can also mix and match them, customise them, or come up with your own ideas based on your style and niche. The most important thing is to have fun and be creative with your content!

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