art marketing

Artist and Web Consultant

with over 10 years’ experience working with local artists and over 30 years of working with problem solving technology

This website was developed with the intention to help new, or semi-professional artists take advantage of the opportunities that the internet offers. I first got involved with developing artists websites when I joined an art collective and took over the management and development of their website. I did this for seven years before deciding to develop a support service for individual artists.

During the time that I was involved with the collective it was apparent that a lot of artists, despite wanting to progress their art careers, didn’t have the knowledge or time to take advantage of the opportunities that the internet offered. Many artists that I met also struggled with the technology or finding the time to maintain or upgrade their websites. But what was most obvious was that a lot of the artists failed to appreciate the benefit of marketing and the potential that it offered to create a following and to sell their art.

Working with local artists has given me an insight into the issues that they face and has also allowed me to develop the skills and find solutions to help other artists with their marketing through their websites, social media accounts, and help them achieve their goals.

Steve Mason