Working with Other Artists

20 reasons to work with other artists

20 Reasons to Work with Other Artists

If you are a visual artist, you might be wondering reasons to work with other artists there could be and why you should collaborate with other artists in your field. After all, you have your own style, vision and goals, and you don’t want to compromise them for the sake of working with someone else. However…

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Art Collective Manifesto

What is an art manifesto? It is a declaration of principles and intentions by an artist or a group of artists, often written to challenge, provoke, or inspire others. An art manifesto can also be a critique of the status quo, a call for change, or a vision for the future.

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art collective

Amity Art – Art Collective

Amity Art was a fictitious art collective that starts from its inception through to organising group exhibitions as a collective. As well as a collective being a platform for acquiring exhibition spaces, there are other reasons for forming a collective.

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Art Trails for Artists

How do Art Trails Provide Opportunities for Artists?

Art trails are events where artists open their studios or display their work in public spaces for visitors to explore and enjoy. They are usually organised by local groups or associations, and often take place over a few weekends or a few days. Art trails can be a great opportunity for artists to showcase their work.

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Joining Local Art Groups

If you are an artist or aspire to be one, you might have wondered whether joining a local art group is worth your time and effort. After all, art is often seen as a solitary pursuit, and you might prefer to work on your own projects rather than participate in group activities. However, there are many benefits of joining local art groups that you might not have considered.

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How to Start an Artist Collective

If you are an artist who wants to collaborate with other artists, share resources and ideas, and create a supportive community, you might be interested in starting an artist collective. An artist collective is a group of artists who work together on projects, exhibitions, events, and other activities that promote their artistic vision and values.

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artist's collective

The Upside and Downside of Joining an Artist’s Collective

If you are an artist who wants to grow your audience, network with other creatives, and access more opportunities, you might be interested in joining an artist’s collective. An artist’s collective is a group of artists who work together to promote their work, share resources, and collaborate on projects.

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